The Zoo will close early on May 6 to prepare for our annual gala, The Beastly Feast. Last admission will be 2 p.m. and the grounds will close at 3 p.m.


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Thursday, April 27

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A lucky number for one the rarest reptiles

Zoo Atlanta celebrates its most successful breeding season ever for critically endangered Guatemalan beaded lizards. Thirteen proves to be a...
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Keepers Stories – Tuesday, April 25

Spring! This season evokes a variety of feelings from people. Some look forward to the warmth and rains that come,...
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How long is that snake?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that a herpetologist hears. No doubt about it. Although I am...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, March 30

Hello everybody. The name is Zach Bulich and I am a brand-new keeper in Zoo Atlanta’s Herpetology Department. In this...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, March 28

Move over, Marvin the muntjac, there are some new kids in the Hoofstock Barn! They go by the names of...
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Giant Panda Twins Play Outside

Ya Lun and Xi Lun the giant panda twins play outside; The only giant panda twins in the U.S. get their...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, March 23

Snakes! When I bring a snake out during an animal presentation, I usually encounter at least one person who’s a...
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Saying farewell to Andazi the rhino

Zoo Atlanta prepares to say farewell to Andazi the rhino; The mother of the first rhino calf ever born at the...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, March 21

As we approach Spring Break week here at the Zoo, you may notice a few changes around in some of...
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Now Open! Treetop Trail

Now Open: Treetop Trail presented by Kaiser Permanente; The Zoo Atlanta experience climbs to new heights with the grand opening...
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Conservation – Wednesday, March 15

“Climate change poses a fundamental threat to everything we love. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and new and more frequent...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, April 26

Yesterday was my first day working in pandas in a long time. Many things around the building don’t change. The...
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Panda Updates – Monday, April 21

Hi everybody! My name is Danica, and I am a Swing Keeper in the Mammal Department here at Zoo Atlanta....
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Panda Updates – Friday, April 21

At this point we’ve used the term “growing like a weed” at almost every update, but what is Ya Lun’s...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, April 20

Hey everyone, this is Char from the Herpetology Department. I just got back from an Association of Zoos and Aquariums...
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The 2017 Beastly Feast

THE 2017 BEASTLY FEAST PRESENTED BY FORD MOTOR COMPANY FUND Zoo Atlanta’s most spectacular evening of the year returns with...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, April 19

It seems like it has been ages since I have worked with the youngsters, even though I did get some...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, April 18

Hey everyone! My name is Bailey Cheney, and I’m one of the newest people on the primate staff right now....
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Zoo Atlanta goes Blue for Autism Awareness

Individuals living with autism will have a unique opportunity to experience the Zoo early on April 22. Zoo Atlanta will...
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