Giraffes, ostriches, warthog and zebra are not visible due to habitat construction.

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Tuesday, January 15

9:30 am
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A season for brumation

Have you ever wondered about where the reptiles go in the winter? I’m not talking about our reptiles here at...
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Wild Winter Days at Zoo Atlanta

Exclusive seasonal discount on Zoo admission through February 28. Wild Winter Days are here at Zoo Atlanta! Enjoy the Zoo’s...
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Time for a sea change

Making any New Year’s resolutions for 2019? Interested in adding eating more sustainable items to the list? Why choose sustainable...
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Diving into myths for facts

We scientists don’t have much patience for myths, science fiction or pseudo-science. Postcards of jackalopes irritate our rational sensibilities. But...
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Training with Sven and Olaf

Hi everyone, I am baa-aa-ack again welcoming some new animals to our area! If you saw my recent #TakeoverTuesday, I...
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Have you heard about coltan?

Are you asking Santa for a new cell phone this year? It is time for an upgrade after all. You...
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Hatchling diamondback terrapins arrive

Annual “terrapin swap” is part of an effort to protect a Georgia native species. The 25 hatchling diamondback terrapins now...
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Green blood?!

In our mammal-oriented existence, as mammals ourselves, it’s easy to get lazy and assume that all animals function like some...
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Keeping cool with summer fun

Tuesday, July 3 Making sure the animals here at Zoo Atlanta stay cool and hydrated is a major part of...
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‘Tis the season

From kori bustards on the east side of the Zoo to blue cranes on the west side, eggs/incubation on the...
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Panda Updates – Monday, January 14

Giant pandas have some of the strongest jaws of all terrestrial carnivores. Their ability to crush through tough bamboo comes...
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Panda Updates – Friday, January 11

Sometimes we take an opportunity to give the twins a chance to hang out in their behind-the-scenes areas as a...
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Panda Updates – Monday, January 7

Did you know that red pandas were actually discovered by scientists before giant pandas? Due to their similar bamboo diets...
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Panda Updates – Friday, January 4

It’s hard to believe 2018 is already over. The past year has been exciting for the Panda Team, as we...
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Nesting with sun bears

One of the great benefits that we have as animal care professionals is that we get to watch the animals...
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Four ways to be more sustainable

It’s that time of the year! With the holidays coming to an end, we begin to think about what the...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 2

Yang Yang has a signature move that lets us know he feels playful: he bites his paw and shakes his...
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Caring for animals on holidays

As the majority of people spent Christmas at home spending time with their families, the Zoo Atlanta Animal Care Team...
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