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9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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Tuesday, January 23

9:30 am
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5:30 pm
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Cold-weather skills of feathered friends

As many of you already know, it has been especially cold here in Georgia, with temperatures dropping below freezing more...
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Wild Winter Days are here!

Enjoy an exclusive seasonal discount on Zoo admission through February 28. Wild Winter Days are here at Zoo Atlanta! Enjoy...
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Science is humming!

My favorite research articles are those that turn over long-held convictions about what plants and animals actually do in the...
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Simple steps to a sustainable New Year

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “sustainable” as “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource...
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Learning with Program Animals

Hello everyone, my name is Kayla and I have the amazing opportunity to intern with the Program Animals Department here...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, March 28

Move over, Marvin the muntjac, there are some new kids in the Hoofstock Barn! They go by the names of...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, March 23

Snakes! When I bring a snake out during an animal presentation, I usually encounter at least one person who’s a...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, March 21

As we approach Spring Break week here at the Zoo, you may notice a few changes around in some of...
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Panda Updates – Monday, January 22

If you saw the update last week about the giant panda cubs enjoying the snow, I’m sure you were wondering...
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Panda Updates – Friday, January 12

After being out of town for about a week, I returned to the Zoo and Ya Lun and Xi Lun...
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What’s it take to work at a zoo?

I get stopped by many guests regularly because I have the coolest job on the planet. They want to know...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 10

With the recent cold snap, we have been able to offer the pandas river cane bamboo (Arundinaria gigantea). River cane...
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The many faces of our primate area

Hello! Brittney, Seasonal Keeper from Primates here. Last time you heard from me I was talking about the difference between...
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Panda Updates – Monday, January 8

We have an update on the sweet potato saga! Ya Lun now likes sweet potato! Both cubs have been offered...
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Panda Updates – Friday, January 5

The cubs are becoming little eating machines. Just a few months ago, when we would refresh Lun Lun’s bamboo (which...
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Cozy up to our naked mole rat colony

Happy New Year to all and welcome back from the holidays. If you’ve been around the Zoo recently, you have...
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