We’re anticipating high attendance for this weekend’s Boo at the Zoo event. Please consider alternative transit options.

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9:30 am - 6:30 pm
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Saturday, October 20

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Wildlife preps for winter

As the colder months slowly encroach on us in Georgia, Zoo Atlanta’s Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians) Team spends time winterizing...
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Boo at the Zoo presented by Georgia Natural Gas

Atlanta’s favorite fun family Halloween festival returns on October 20, 21, 27 and 28. Atlanta’s favorite fun family Halloween festival...
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Save orangutans on your next grocery run

What is palm oil? Palm oil comes from the fruit of the African oil palm tree and is grown all...
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Hatchling diamondback terrapins arrive

Annual “terrapin swap” is part of an effort to protect a Georgia native species. The 25 hatchling diamondback terrapins now...
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Green blood?!

In our mammal-oriented existence, as mammals ourselves, it’s easy to get lazy and assume that all animals function like some...
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Keeping cool with summer fun

Tuesday, July 3 Making sure the animals here at Zoo Atlanta stay cool and hydrated is a major part of...
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‘Tis the season

From kori bustards on the east side of the Zoo to blue cranes on the west side, eggs/incubation on the...
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Keeper’s-eye view of a Grand New View

If you were to take a glance over the construction fence that runs parallel to the African Plains section of...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, October 17

Hello from PandaLand! It’s been what feels like an eternity since I last worked with the giant pandas, and what...
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Help save gorillas by recycling cell phones

Hello! I’m Allie, a Seasonal Primate Keeper. I have the pleasure of telling you guys about our beloved western lowland...
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Panda Updates – Monday, October 15

As mentioned in previous updates, we are nearing the end of Lun Lun’s pseudopregnancy, and the recent cool weather has...
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Panda Updates – Friday, October 12

Taking care of the basic needs of a giant panda is like riding a bike; it comes back to you...
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The importance of professional development

Hello! As with all of my colleagues here, professional development is hugely important to me. I have been away from...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, October 10

Throughout the year, giant pandas go through fairly large fluctuations in weight. Yang Yang, for example, can go from about...
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Technology and bird care

Hello – I’m Luke, a keeper in the Bird Department here at Zoo Atlanta! In my department, we incorporate a...
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