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Tuesday, February 21

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Conservation – Friday, February 17

How can making sustainable seafood choices save animals? Unsustainable fishing practices are negatively affecting marine habitat and species, such as...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, Feb. 16

What a busy time! We’re always busy in the Program Animals Department, but we’re especially busy this week getting ready...
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Meet Mijadala

Proceeds raised from her naming will benefit field conservation programs for wild gorillas The infant born to western lowland gorilla...
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Kori Bustard and Ethotrak Project

Where: Zoo Atlanta and other partner institutions in AZA Begun in 2007, the Kori Bustard Ethotrak Project was developed to...
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Panda Update – Monday, Feb. 20

We gets lots of questions about the relationship between Yang Yang and the twins, but giant pandas are solitary by...
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Panda Updates – Friday, February 17

Some of you may have noticed recently that Ya Lun has a blue spot on her back at the bottom...
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Panda Update – Wednesday, Feb. 15

Trying to weigh squirmy cubs is rather difficult.  We offer the cubs supplemental formula three times a day, and weigh...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, February 14

As any regular reader of keeper stories knows, there is no such thing as a typical day as a zookeeper....
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Panda Update – Monday, February 13

You might have noticed that Lun and her little munchkins are in the dayroom for longer and longer periods each...
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Panda Update – Friday, February 10

It’s amazing how long it takes to prepare for a panda birth (months) vs. how long it takes to dismantle...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, February 9

Hey y’all! My name is Sara and I am the newest Keeper I in the Herpetology Department here at Zoo...
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Panda Update – Wednesday, February 8

My oh my … how much these cubs have grown! It has been about two weeks since I last worked...
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