Giraffes, ostriches, warthog and zebra are not visible due to habitat construction. 

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Tuesday, December 11

11:00 am
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5:30 pm
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Training with Sven and Olaf

Hi everyone, I am baa-aa-ack again welcoming some new animals to our area! If you saw my recent #TakeoverTuesday, I...
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We’re otterly excited about Tocantins

You may have noticed that our male giant otter, Bakairi, has been living the bachelor life for the last few...
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Update from the field: Lion Guardians

When I was searching for a program to propose for this year’s Quarters for Conservation selection, Lion Guardians stuck out...
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Kick off the holidays with two festive events

Start the season this weekend with the return of two festive traditions at Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta kicks off the...
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We’re on the job every day

Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Grace, and I am a Herpetology Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. While everyone spent...
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Seven things you might not know about the Zoo

Have you ever wondered how we take care of 220 species on 40 acres just minutes from downtown Atlanta? We’d...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, November 21

Ya Lun and Xi Lun have hit a major milestone in their training! We have been working with them closely...
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Have you heard about coltan?

Are you asking Santa for a new cell phone this year? It is time for an upgrade after all. You...
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Update from the field: Drill Ranch

Time for some animal updates from Drill Ranch! There was a recent birth of a drill baby to a very...
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Gorillas get their flu shots, too

Hello everyone, my name is Courtney Meyer, and I am a member of the gorilla care team here at Zoo...
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