The KIDZone playground, Treetop Trail,  Zoo Train and Endangered Species Carousel will be closed May 16 – 20.

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Bird Breeding Season: Eggs

Hello again everyone! Lauren Wilson here to tell you more about the ins and outs that go into the Bird...
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Bird Breeding Season: Nesting

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Wilson and I am the Associate Curator of Birds here at Zoo Atlanta. I’m...
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Zoo Atlanta’s University Partnerships

By now, you probably know how fundamental research is to Zoo Atlanta’s mission. Research helps us better understand and provide...
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Snake venoms and myths

Some snakes are venomous, as we all know. Indeed, some of them can be dangerous to humans if we get...
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What’s in a common name for species?

In my January 2020 blog, I covered some of the basics of how taxonomists go about creating scientific names for...
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2021 Zoo Atlanta Research Review

In 2021, Zoo Atlanta’s team published 11 peer-reviewed articles on various lines of our research programs and collaborations. This brings...
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Are jackalopes real?

We scientists don’t have much patience for myths, science fiction, or pseudo-science. Legends of Bigfoot irritate our rational sensibilities. But...
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Protecting the critically endangered species still with us

Every few years there is a frenzy in the media about efforts to use modern genomic technology to recreate long-extinct...
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The toads of Mexico

Recently I completed a complete draft of a manuscript that, essentially, I had been working on since 1989. It’s a...
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What’s happening in research at the Zoo?

Like every aspect of the Zoo’s operations, research activities have been greatly curtailed by the pandemic. Our primate behavior research...
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