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Do turtles play?

Hi Everyone! It’s Dr. Joe Mendelson, the Director of Research here at Zoo Atlanta, and today we’re talking about some...
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Welfare Research Applied

Over this past year, some of our blog topics have discussed how we conduct research, how data can provide insight...
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Who are you calling a turkey?

Thanksgiving means many things to many people, but the core of the holiday is a big meal shared with family...
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How Do Giraffes Sleep?

Did you know that of all land mammals, giraffes are among the species requiring the least sleep? As a prey...
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Conspecific Social Organization

Since the 1970s, zoos have made large strides in improving the welfare of the animals in our care. Closely aligning...
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Building the nest: taveta golden weavers

If there’s any species in the animal kingdom that knows about high-stakes home building, it’s taveta golden weavers. Taveta golden...
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As is often the case in biology, if you hear of some weird phenomenon, there may well be a sound...
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Cognitive Bias

In our last blog post, we talked about some of the methodologies we use to study animal welfare. We often...
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Exactly how many ears do frogs have?

Ask any child what sound a frog makes, and you’ll get an adorable, enthusiastic croaked “Ribbit” probably matched with a...
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Assessing the big picture in animal well-being

In our last Animal Science Blog, we examined how observations can provide useful insight into animal behavior. Watching animals and...
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