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Think Zoo Atlanta is just for kids? No way!

There are so many things for teens to do that are so not boring. From getting up close with our animals to exploring career paths and racking up volunteer hours, come see what Zoo Atlanta has to offer you. We promise your experience will be worthy of a share on your favorite social media platform.

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Twilight Trek

Ever wonder what the animals are up to after the sun goes down?

Tour the Zoo at dusk, use night-vision technology, search for animals that you wouldn’t normally see during the daylight hours, and enjoy special activities each season.

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Volunteen Program

The Volunteen Program is designed for high school students ages 14 to 17 who are interested in careers in the zoological sciences.

Teens have the opportunity to have fun volunteering at the Zoo while learning about the environment, wildlife conservation, community engagement, and professionalism.

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Wild Encounters

If you’ve yearned to get closer to the animals, now you can!

Behind-the-scenes experiences turn a trip to the Zoo into the chance of a lifetime with some of your favorite Zoo Atlanta animals.

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NightCrawler Overnights

Spend the night at the Zoo and embark on a nocturnal adventure you won’t soon forget!

Offered for both groups and families, NightCrawler Overnight programs feature a night Zoo tour, a behind-the-scenes visit to our Animal Nutrition Kitchen, and opportunities to learn more about wildlife and wild places! 

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Treetop Trail presented by Kaiser Permanente

Take a walk on the wild side! The Zoo Atlanta experience climbs to new heights. 

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Wildlife Presentations

Watch animals in action as they show off their natural behaviors and amazing adaptations in dynamic wildlife presentations.

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Spring HomeSchool Academy

A morning of learning and discovery designed specifically for homeschool students! 

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Choose your adventure when you borrow an Exploration Pack and get ready to experience the Zoo in an all-new way!

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A series of videos and activities for teachers, students and parents that explore concepts aligned with the GSE in Science.

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No creature looms larger over the savanna than the African elephant, and you’ll agree when you receive a virtual message from one of our African elephants!

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