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Panda Cam

Watch the giant pandas from anywhere in the world on PandaCam, and explore this page for all things panda!

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Panda Program FAQs

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Don’t forget, Zoo Atlanta is one of only two zoos in the U.S. housing giant pandas.

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pandas News

Panda Updates- Monday, July 22

We recently shared that Ya Lun is experiencing an annual pseudopregnancy. Pseudopregnancy, in which a female’s body goes through the...
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Panda Updates- Monday, July 15

There are so many interesting facts about giant panda biology and behavior, and one is happening now: pseudopregnancy. During this...
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Panda Updates- Monday, July 8

The giant pandas receive varying species of bamboo throughout the year, depending on the season and what their preferences are. You...
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Panda Updates – Monday, July 1

Birthday season is coming! Many giant pandas are born in the fall, so the four pandas at Zoo Atlanta all...
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years of panda News

Celebrating 25 years of pandas

It’s a momentous year for Zoo Atlanta’s giant panda program. As we anticipate the pandas’ travels to China later this...
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The Age of Panda

Peruse this digital publication to read The Age of Panda, our commemoration of 25 years of pandas at Zoo Atlanta.

Celebrating 25 Years

Watch the video highlighting the milestone of the 25th anniversary of the Zoo Atlanta giant panda program.

Meet the Pandas

Meet Lun Lun

Lun Lun arrived at Zoo Atlanta with Yang Yang in 1999 and has gone on to become the mother of seven offspring. 

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Meet Yang Yang

Yang Yang arrived at Zoo Atlanta with Lun Lun in 1999 and is the father of all seven of the giant panda cubs born at Zoo Atlanta. 

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Meet Ya Lun

Ya Lun is older than her twin, Xi Lun, by about 20 minutes. She grew up living with her twin until 2023.

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Meet Xi Lun

Xi Lun is the youngest of the most recent set of twins by about 20 minutes. She grew up living with her twin, Ya Lun, until 2023. 

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About Pandas

Giant pandas are very unusual animals that eat almost exclusively bamboo, which is very low in nutrients.

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What we've learned

Take a look into our studies on giant panda maternal behavior and giant panda visual discrimination. 

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Giant panda conservation

Zoo Atlanta has contributed more than $17 million for the conservation of giant pandas in China, making this our most significant investment in wildlife conservation. 

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