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Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 12

When I reflect on the past year, there are a lot of amazing moments. Keeper Trish and I both started...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 5

Happy New Year! The pandas rang in the new year with special 2022 enrichment, and it was a big hit! Check...
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Panda Updates – Monday, January 3

Recently, Trish J. offered some tips on how to tell Ya Lun and Xi Lun apart. One of my favorite...
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Panda Updates – Monday, December 20

As the year comes to an end, a pastime many of us enjoy is watching college football and all the...
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Panda Updates – Friday, December 17

Oftentimes when people hear that I am an animal care professional, they follow it up with “How did you get...
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Panda Updates – Monday, December 13

When giant pandas have twins they are fraternal twins, not identical twins. It is similar to a dog or a...
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Panda updates – Monday, December 6

Giant pandas are able to hold and break down incredibly large pieces of bamboo. However, I am often impressed by...
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Panda Updates – Friday, December 3

Sometimes, you can only work on “giant panda time,” and that certainly included one recent morning! Lun Lun had slept...
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Panda updates – Wednesday, November 17

Have you ever watched a giant panda eat? If so,  you are aware that their ears move when they chew....
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As animal care professionals, it’s our job to make sure the animals we care for are in good health. One of the...
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