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Panda Updates- Monday, March 18

Did you know the giant pandas have a variety of spaces to enjoy, not all of which you might be able to see? These include the dayrooms, the outdoor habitats, and the behind-the-scenes spaces. Each of these areas have special features that make them unique and enriching to the bears.

One of the behind-the-scenes spaces is Habitat 3. This habitat is unique among the others because it is set off from direct guest viewing, allowing the bears to be outside while also having some private time.  In addition to the freshly harvested bamboo provided by our Bamboo Team, this habitat also has naturally growing bamboo, which allows naturally occurring foraging behaviors. The bears have ample choice in which bamboo they would like to eat. The pandas also love the water pool in this habitat. It is a shallow, easy entry pool they can splash or lie in. The Panda Care Team is able to monitor the bears’ activities with the help of our internal video monitoring system, and we can easily tend to the pandas if they would like more fresh-cut bamboo or any of their other diet items.

Habitat 3 is a favorite among all the bears, and we do their best to ensure all four bears get equal time in there. This habitat sits behind Habitat 2, and there may be times where guests can get glimpses of a bear using it (pictured is Ya Lun).

Panda Care Team

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