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Panda Updates- Monday, April 15

Bamboo shoot season is now here! Shoots are young bamboo that grow during this time of the year. Shoots are typically soft, full of water, and very filling, and the giant pandas love them! The pandas are still offered their daily usual quantities of bamboo while also being offered shoots. Many times, they may prefer to eat only the shoots, and you may see them enjoying these favorite treats during your next visit.

As a fun fact, giant pandas can spend up to 14 hours a day eating bamboo, which they must consume in large quantities to obtain their nutritional needs. Bamboo makes up about 98% of their diet; however, they are also offered produce such as sweet potato, apple, and banana.

As you may know, giant pandas have an adaptation called a pseudothumb, which is a wrist bone extension they use to grab bamboo, leafeater biscuits, shoots, leaves, or other foods.

Panda Care Team

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