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Panda Updates- Wednesday, March 27

With the Easter holiday just around the corner, you might get a chance to see the giant pandas getting some spring-themed enrichment as well. On Saturday, March 30, the pandas will be getting special enrichment items. These may include paper chains, papier-mâché eggs, bags, boxes, or even a decorated banner. The pandas enjoy having enrichment items because they always find some yummy treats hidden inside. Yang Yang (pictured) especially loves the papier-mâché eggs and boxes because he loves to rip them apart and throw them around.

So, what is enrichment? Enrichment is a vital aspect of professional animal care and gives animals a creative outlet for mental and physical stimuli while giving them opportunities to engage in natural behaviors like their wild counterparts. Zoo Atlanta has a very robust enrichment program for all species, including the giant pandas. You may see the Panda Care Team placing objects, favorite scents, or other things that encourage natural behaviors such as foraging, climbing, play, and grooming, to name a few. So, if you’re at the Zoo on Saturday, look around and see if you can spot any enrichment items.

Panda Care Team

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