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Panda Updates- Monday, December 18

Now that the weather has been consistently cooler, Zoo guests are more likely to see the giant pandas, who are well-adapted to colder temperatures, utilizing their outdoor habitats. When temperatures are 75 degrees or above, they use their indoor dayroom areas, which are kept at a cool air-conditioned temperature year-round. Zoo Atlanta has three outdoor habitat options, one of which is outside of guest view. This third behind-the-scenes habitat gives the panda using it a chance to enjoy the natural bamboo that grows there. In that habitat, they can forage bamboo exactly how they would in the wild. It is amazing how well they disappear into the foliage with their black-and-white coloration.

Our Panda Care Team does our best to rotate the bears between all the habitats and dayroom areas to that they have consistent variety, which is very enriching, from day to day. (Pictured: Xi Lun)

Mel, Panda Care Team

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