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Panda Updates- Wednesday, January 10

Some of our panda fans have recently asked questions about Ya Lun’s eyes, so we wanted to provide the facts as shared by our Veterinary Team. Ya Lun has been diagnosed with allergies which caused some alopecia around the eyes. She is on allergy medications and is doing well. Her mother Lun Lun has always had mild alopecia around the eyes, but it is not severe and she does not need treatment. As a precaution, our Veterinary Team tested both Ya Lun and Lun Lun for mites, and these tests were negative. They are both doing well, as are Xi Lun and Yang Yang.

We are always happy to supply factual information about the pandas at Zoo Atlanta and their care. We always encourage relying on facts rather than relying on false information posted online which has no basis in fact and which does not come from any place of expertise in the care or biology of giant pandas. (photo Jan. 10: Panda Care Team)

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