Wild Encounters

If you’ve yearned to get closer to the animals, now you can! Behind-the-scenes experiences turn a trip to the Zoo into the chance of a lifetime.

Activity Type: Wild Encounters:

Wild Encounter: Elephant

No creature looms larger over the savanna than the African elephant, and you’ll agree when you come face-to-trunk with one...

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Wild Encounter: Aldabra Tortoise

Meet the ancient giants of Aldabra Atoll. See, feed, and touch one of the world’s largest living tortoise species....

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Wild Encounter: Giant Panda

This program is currently on hold for the month of September. Meet and feed one of Zoo Atlanta’s world-famous black-and-white...

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Wild Encounter: Rhino

Meet Mumbles, Zoo Atlanta’s first southern white rhino, in the all-new Rhino Wild Encounter!

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Wild Encounter: Lemur

Returns April 2!Meet and feed some of the amazing primates that make the island of Madagascar one of Earth's richest...

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