Zebras and giraffes are acclimating to new habitats. Visibility is subject to change.

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Wednesday, November 13

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Sharing knowledge with our peers

From Oct 28 through October 30, ambassador bird care professionals from zoos across the country landed in Atlanta for a...
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The wild world of enrichment

Hello everyone, it’s Courtney from the Primate Team! I cannot believe it is already November. So much has happened this...
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Phases of the moon: tortoise style

How do you measure the cycle of the moon? If you’re a werewolf, chances are you just howl and transform...
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Do the macaws talk?

As the primary caregiver of our three blue-throated macaws, Miguel, Tulio and Altivo, I get asked many questions about these...
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How do you tell the animals apart?

One of the most common questions we get about the animals is how to tell them apart. Many guests feel...
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Taking time to observe gorillas

Hello, it’s Allie, a member of the Primate Care Team. Have you ever noticed the way our 3-year-old gorilla, Mijadala,...
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Time for training

Hi everyone! My name is Ryan, and I am going to talk a little bit about some of the training...
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A rewarding opportunity with terrapins

About a month ago, the Herpetology Team participated in our annual diamondback terrapin swap with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center...
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Orangutans and your Halloween candy

This is Brittney, and today’s blog post is all about Halloween candy and orangutans! How are they connected, you ask?...
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Planning Halloween animal enrichment

Can you believe it’s October? The leaves will soon start falling, the school semester is well underway, and the air...
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