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Habitat updates for our scaly friends

Hi everyone!  It’s Kelly from Herpetology! Walking around the Zoo, you may have noticed some changes going on in the...
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Celebrating World Elephant Day together

Hi everyone! Caleb with the Elephant Care Team here, once again! August 12 is World Elephant Day, an international event...
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Meet Avocado, Wasabi, and Pickles!

Hello! I’m Becky, the Associate Curator of Ambassador Animals. That means I get the privilege of working with the team...
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The horn of the hornbill: what’s it for?

Hornbills are a fascinating group of birds. While these long-beaked animals might superficially resemble toucans, the hornbill family (Bucerotidae) is...
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What’s that smell? A lemur stink fight!

Hey all! Seasonal Primate Keeper Sam here to talk about our ringtailed lemurs and a natural behavior called “stink fighting.”...
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What goes into animal enrichment?

Hey everyone, my name is Christina, and I am a Mammal Swing Keeper here at the Zoo, which means I...
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When the early bird gets the worm, we provide the worms

Everyone has heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm,” and that holds true for the birds who call...
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Petting zoo animals and D&D?

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah from the Outback Station area, where all of our goats, sheep, and other fuzzy barnyard animals...
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Go bananas for a gorilla birthday bash!

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July holiday! It’s Allie from the Gorilla Care Team here, and...
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The aquatic majesty of the giant otter

Hi! My name is Whitney, and I am the newest member of the Zoo’s Carnivore Team. I am originally from...
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