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What does a zoological curator do?

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Wilson, and this is my very first Keeper Stories blog! I am the Associate...
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A New Year’s commitment to sustainability

2021! What a year! I know many of us thought (or hoped) this pandemic would have come and gone by...
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Party planning for orangutans

Hey there fellow animal enthusiasts! My name is Caitlin McGarrity. I’m a new member of the Primate Team, working specifically...
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Hidden gems of the jungle

Hi there! I’d like to tell you about one of the prettiest snake species we have here at Zoo Atlanta!...
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Naked mole rats: A monarchic transition?

Hello everyone and happy holiday season! Caleb with the Elephant Care Team here once again! In addition to taking care...
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The 12 Days of “Zoo”mas

Tis the season! This time last year I took a holiday classic and gave it an Ambassador Animal twist, so...
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Rule-breaking birds and felonious fowl

Birds come in all different shapes, colors, sizes … and personalities. Some of our birds here at Zoo Atlanta are...
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Conserving one of the world’s rarest lizards

As many of you reading this may already be aware, Zoo Atlanta has long been working with one of the...
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Willie B., Jr. and the formation of his troop

Hey there, it’s Cassie from the Gorilla Care Team with an update on Willie B., Jr.’s group! Can you believe...
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Milestones for Kiazi the southern white rhino

As you may recall from a previous Keeper Stories, Zoo Atlanta recently welcomed a new arrival: southern white rhino Kiazi!...
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