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How do reptiles adapt to a warming climate?

Howdy y’all, this is Noah from the Herpetology Department! There are some seriously awesome reptile and amphibian adaptations, and the...
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Feather molting … what does it mean?

When I was very young, I used to think that when a bird molted its feathers, that meant it dropped...
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Who’s calling who creepy?

Halloween is coming up, and we’re all excited for this spooky time of year! For many of us it’s a...
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An exciting welcome to Kiazi!

Zoo Atlanta is excited to welcome Kiazi, our first female white rhinoceros, to the Zoo. Kiazi traveled from the San...
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Drill, mandrill, or baboon?

Here at Zoo Atlanta, we are lucky enough to care for the only drill monkeys in North America. In the...
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Managing birds in mixed-species aviaries

Hello everyone! Kyle here from the Bird Team! A lot of you who have gotten to visit our Zoo have...
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Training big cats for vaccines

Vaccines. At times it seems like that is one of the most common words we are all hearing these days;...
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Rearing diamondback terrapins

Hi everyone!  It’s Kelly here again!  Boy, have I got some exciting news for y’all!  Next time you walk through...
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Happy hatch month, Zazu!

Early this month, one of our birds with a big personality celebrated her 26th hatch day … Zazu the southern ground...
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One big lemur family

If you have been around the Monkeys of Makokou complex or seen the lemurs of The Living Treehouse recently, then...
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