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An Ambassador Animals Keeper adapts

Hi everyone! It’s Megan from the Ambassador Animals Team. It has been great to see so many smiling faces (uh,...
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Training for success

There is a cool, crisp feeling in the air as October has finally rolled around and everyone is getting ready...
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What the shell?

Hello y’all! It’s Ben from the Herpetology Team, and I’m here to discuss with y’all the strangest and most notable...
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Raindrops keep falling on my head

Picture this: You have been planning a big family trip to the Zoo for a few weeks now. As the...
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All in the family

Hey everyone! It’s Caleb with the Elephant Care Team here again! What do you think elephants, manatees, and rock hyraxes...
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Mixed-species care for Lionel and Lilo

Hello all you Zoo-goers! We have been more than happy to see everyone back on grounds. As you may or...
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Fall color …

Hello everyone! As we inch our way into fall (my favorite time of year), we all look forward to the...
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Installing Atlanta’s first MOTUS tower

It has been two years in the making, but it has finally happened! This past weekend, fellow Bird Team member...
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Getting to know Mumbles

If you’ve visited the Zoo in the past few months, you may have noticed one of the Zoo’s newest members,...
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Distance training in the time of COVID

Hi everyone, it’s Sarafee with another edition of Zoo Atlanta’s Keeper Stories! I’m a Senior Keeper on the Gorilla Care...
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