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Sven and the Mysterious Nutrition Kitchen

By Robert Amrhein, Keeper III Ambassador Animals Illustrations by Summit St. John, Ambassador Animals Intern One day two, fluffy, sheep...
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All about food

Hi everyone, it’s Claire from the Bird Team! Today I wanted to teach you about our birds’ diets. We’ve all...
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Changing seasons at the Zambezi Elephant Center

It’s been a quiet week at the Zambezi Elephant Center. As summer (erroneously referred to as “the busy season”) winds...
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Zoo Atlanta’s new colobus baby

It’s Caroline from the Small Primate Team. You may have heard that we have a new Angolan colobus baby. This...
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Dodos are gone, but who are their relatives?

When you think of animals that went extinct in the past few centuries, what animal comes to mind? Most likely...
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Birthday “cakes” for our hoofed friends

Hi everyone, I’m Kennedy, and I recently completed a rotation as a Seasonal Hoofstock Keeper here at the Zoo. I’m...
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The wonderful world of orangutan enrichment

Hey there fellow animal enthusiasts! Caitlin from the Orangutan Care Team, here to talk a little more about the enrichment...
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The joys of Anaka!

Hey y’all, and welcome to another addition of Keeper Stories. My name is Sara Fee, and I’m a Senior Keeper...
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From Outback to Carnivores

Hello! It’s Carnivore Keeper Adrianna here for today’s Keeper Stories! If you know a little bit about me, you know...
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It’s flamingo hatching season!

You know breeding season is in full swing when everything in the flamingo habitat is covered in mud, including the...
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