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The fascinating world of tongue-flicking

Greetings from the magical world of Scaly Slimy Spectacular! The prominent bifurcated (or forked) tongue of snakes – and even...
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The journey to piglets!

As you may have heard, on April 13, we had three warthog piglets born to Eleanor and Hamlet. To reach...
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New adventures in orangutan care

Hey everyone! My name is Emily, and I am the newest member of the Orangutan Care Team here at Zoo...
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Hail the hellbender

As we get ready to reopen the Georgia eXtremes building at Scaly Slimy Spectacular, you may notice a new animal...
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Impossible to choose a favorite

“What is your favorite animal to work with?” As someone working in the zoological field, I get asked this question...
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Helping animals participate in their own care

Hey everyone, Swing Keeper Adrianna here! You’ve heard a lot from me over in pandas, but lately I have been...
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Browse away!

Hi everyone, it’s Sara Fee in Gorillas again! I started at Zoo Atlanta about two years ago, which is also...
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Meet (and appreciate) our state reptile

Wieland Wildlife Home has a variety of animals whose species originate from all over the world. They all play an...
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Fake out!

Hi everybody! Birds are such incredible animals and so many times they have us stopping in our tracks, trying to...
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Specialized walkers

Hey all! Elephant Keeper Caleb here! With summer almost here, the Zoo’s elephants are spending less of their time inside...
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