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Why can’t we be friends?

We as humans are a social species. Our need for close connections with other humans is something that most, if...
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Caring for Abu

As many of you know, Abu, our oldest giraffe, recently underwent an important medical procedure that required his hooves to...
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Ten facts to celebrate Chewie

One of the best parts of working with animals is watching the infants grow up into their own independent animals....
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Puppet-rearing a hooded vulture chick

If you have been following our social media networks over the last week, you might have seen that the Bird...
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We appreciate you!

Hi everyone, it’s Adrianna from Outback Station! Today my blog won’t be so much about the animals, but rather on...
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Hello from the Carnivore Team

Hello from the Carnivore Team! We miss seeing all of our wonderful guests and supporters and look forward to the...
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Care for the rare: Panamanian golden frogs

Hey everyone – my name is Char, and I’m a Keeper II with the Herpetology Team. That means I get...
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Behind the scenes with the gorillas

COVID-19 has forced all of us to make many lifestyle changes. It has even affected the way we at the...
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Training the human animal

At the Zoo, we talk a lot about how we use positive reinforcement training to enable the animals to participate...
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Love in the time of COVID

Spring has sprung and although we humans are trying to practice social distancing and staying away from each other, let’s...
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