Zoo Atlanta will close early on Sunday, March 10 for a Zoo team member event. Gates will close at 2 p.m., grounds will close at 3:30 p.m. 

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Our very own Grinch: A holiday success story

I’m back with another iteration of revamped holiday fun! This is where I take a well-known, beloved holiday (aka Christmas...
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Caring for amazing orangutans

Hello! My name is Jake Bedenbaugh, and I am a member of the Orangutan Care Team here at Zoo Atlanta....
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So you want to be an Elephant Care Intern?

Hi all! It’s Caleb with the Elephant Care Team again! Regularly, young students ask us how to be a professional...
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Looking out for autumn hitchhikers

Hello everyone! And happy no longer false autumn! Now that the weather is getting into what we around here would...
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Real-life inspirations for famous cryptids?

Ghoulish greetings, everyone! I’m Sarah and I work in our Ambassador Animals Department. This time of year is always so...
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Growing up copperhead

On October 1, our Herpetology Team was excited to find that our female copperhead had given birth to 14 babies!...
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A Tale of Three Bintlets

It’s been a little while since we discussed the Zoo’s baby binturongs, or bintlets if you prefer. A lot has happened...
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Who are those mysterious orange monkeys?

Hello everyone. My name is James, and I am one of the newest members of our Small Primate Team here...
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Designing a new snake habitat

This is Claire from the Herpetology Team. If you’ve been up to Scaly Slimy Spectacular, then you’ve seen our cool...
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So you want to be an animal care professional?

My name is AJ, and I am a member of the Hoofstock Animal Care Team! Last time I wrote, we...
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