Zoo Atlanta is closed as we follow public health precautions.

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Tuesday, March 31

The Zoo is closed on this date.
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How do crocodiles stay submerged so long?

Greetings from the Scaly, Slimy and Spectacular! The first species you will encounter upon entering Scaly Slimy Spectacular (as long...
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Teaming up for native birds

Many of you may not know that being a Bird Keeper at Zoo Atlanta doesn’t just mean caring for the...
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I’m working, I swear …

Hello from the Dominican Republic. Odds are I am sitting in a large conference hall listening to all the wonderful...
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Blaze: the meerkat godfather

Hi all! Elephant Keeper Caleb here! Did you know the Elephant Care Team also takes care of the Zoo’s meerkats?...
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Sssecrets of the Herpetology Team

Lead Keeper of Herpetology Trent here! As always, my goal is to dig a little deeper with you all into...
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Enrichment in all weathers

This year Mother Nature has presented us with some odd weather. Okay, the last several years we have had odd...
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Baa, baa birthdays

Prepare yourself… the birthdays are coming…for our petting zoo herd! The goats and sheep who live in the petting zoo...
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Who’s Baloo?

The Carnivore Team has been hard at work getting ready to welcome a new addition to our animal population. We’ve...
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Love comes in many forms

Love is in the air. It is that time of year when we all start thinking about finding love or...
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It’s all in the temperature

This time of year, the members of the Hoofstock Team can tell you what the temperature is at any moment,...
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