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Hamerkop Nest Deconstruction

Our hamerkops Hammy and Penny have moved into their “winter home!” As a native species to Sub-Saharan African and coasts...
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How smart are Kunekune pigs?

Here at the Zoo, we’re honored to have some of the Earth’s most intelligent species in our stewardship. You may...
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Halloween Research Edition! Vampires and other monsters

Scientists don’t have much patience for myths, science fiction, or pseudo-science. Legends inspire us, but irritate our sense of orderly...
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Studying behavior to understand animals’ wants and needs

Let’s be real, human-animal communication can be complicated! The largest issue being that we don’t speak the same languages. So...
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Reptile learning

Reptile learning and cognition – not something many people think of when they see an anole run across their garden...
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Why do lions sleep so much?

If you pass by the lion habitat at midday, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll find Hondo, Azizi, and Hatari...
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The Mighty Pirate

Imagine you are dressed up like a pirate, eye patch and all, and you decide to visit the Zoo.  Would...
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What’s in a rhino horn?

Many of you already know that last year, our southern white rhinoceros Mumbles got a new companion! Kiazi arrived from...
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Skin: An Additional Tool for the Versatile Elephant Trunk

Zoo Atlanta is very proud to have partnered with doctoral student Andrew Schulz of the Georgia Institute of Technology on...
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Resources and Social Structures in Juvenile Tortoises

A couple months ago, we posted a Research Blog outlining Zoo Atlanta’s longtime research partnerships with local universities. These partnerships...
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