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The Delta Team: Conservation’s Cutest Heroes

Our most recent Conservation Blog introduced you to one of our most significant conservation partnerships: Conservation South Luangwa (CSL), a Zambia-based non-profit that uses methods such as anti-poaching patrols, snare removal, aerial surveillance, and trained detection dogs to locate wildlife contraband in South Luangwa National Park and across Zambia’s Eastern Province. 

If your eye snagged on “trained detection dogs,” then allow us to introduce you to the cutest conservation warriors in the business: The Delta Team, CSL’s K-9 Unit. In partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation, The Delta Team is comprised of six specialized detection dogs and eight trained handlers. Each dog is a rescue screened from thousands of dogs and highly trained, while their handlers undergo an intense four-month training course in dog handling with ongoing skill development opportunities.  

It may sound a bit like a Pixar movie, but the Delta Team is no joke. This elite squad is trained for roadblock, border, airport, and grid searches, and has recently started training tracking behaviors. Currently the K-9 unit is trained to detect ivory, firearms and ammunition, pangolin, leopard skins, mukula wood, and certain species of bush meat. 

A very cool way to support CSL’s work, and specifically the Delta Team, is to “adopt” a K-9 detection dog. All funds go towards ongoing costs of training and upkeep of this amazing team. You can read more about adopting a detection dog (and other ways to support CSL) on CSL’s website here


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