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A “cold blooded” summer treat

Hi everyone, my name is Erin, and I’m a Seasonal Carnivore Keeper. With the weather getting warmer, this is a great time to soak up the sun, lay by the pool, and maybe eat a popsicle or two. The carnivores here at the Zoo also enjoy these same activities, even getting a nice frozen treat to beat the heat. However, they get popsicles with slightly different flavors than the ones we eat.

The lions, tiger, and clouded leopard all love frozen “meat juice treats,” or what we call bloodsicles, which are made using the left-over liquid or “juice” from the storage bags from their daily meat diet delivery. The lions and tiger also love milksicles made with diluted goat’s milk. The bears and binturongs love fruitsicles that have different kinds of fruit from their diets. And all love to get a fun scentsicle, which is made using interesting scents that each carnivore can safely consume and which have been approved for use by our Veterinary Team, such as Listerine or cinnamon. 

These popsicles are an enriching way the Zoo’s carnivores can cool off when it gets hot, and they get some nutrients from them as well. We also like to give out these treats on special occasions, such as Suhana the clouded leopard’s recent birthday. I enjoy helping to make these popsicles and have even more fun by watching each animal have a great time with their chilly snack. So, if you stop by the Zoo this summer, try to catch a glimpse of one of the amazing carnivores enjoying their very own interesting summer treat. Don’t forget to stay cool and hydrated yourself!

(Photo by Christina D.)

Erin G.
Seasonal Keeper, Carnivores

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