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Hawkmoth grows up to soar

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be here with your most recent Hawkmoth update! In the last update I gave you all, Hawkmoth, our 1-year-old Harris hawk who was the star of our naming competition last year, was just learning how to voluntarily weigh and do some small flights indoors. Since then, he has become an expert at kenneling and flying indoors. Some of you may have also been lucky enough to see him during an Animal Encounter at our World of Wild Theater. You may also have gotten a good look at him if you came to our Spring Break free-flight presentations, as he did make a daily appearance.

For those of you who haven’t been as lucky to see him up close, you may have heard him as he has become a very vocal background noise of our presentations from high up in his pop-up. Up to now, he has only been seen during presentations and encounters on one of his trainers’ gloves, and we have been working outside of presentations with him flying outside. He has been making fantastic progress, so I am excited to let you all know that he is very close to becoming a free flying star of our World of Wild Theater free-flight bird presentations! It’s been a lot of patience, time, and effort put into the training of Hawkmoth (by us and him), so we are proud to see his progress. Be sure to stop by soon and see this little guy in action!

McKenzie B.
Keeper III, Ambassador Animals

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