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Catching up with the binturong family

Hey everyone! Christina here from the Carnivore Care Team. If you have been to the Zoo lately, you might have noticed that there are a lot more binturongs in our habitat than there used to be. Bramble and Baloo had three healthy and spunky little bintlets in August, and up until this last month, Mom and babies had been in a separate space than Dad. This was to give them time to bond and nurse.

Recently we have started to do full family introductions now that the bintlets are much larger and not nursing as often. This means that dad Baloo gets to spend time in their habitat with Bramble and all three babies. Our three not-so-little ones have had time over the last few months to see and smell their Dad, but up until the last few weeks, had not spent time in the same physical space with him.

Bramble has been an excellent first-time mother to Oliver, Fern, and Watson. She is very protective and at first made sure that Baloo gave them their space. Now that the family has all been together several times, they have all relaxed quite a bit and can all be seen napping close to one another when the weather is nice. Bramble is still known to vocalize towards Baloo occasionally, just to make sure he knows who is in charge. We are very excited that the family is getting along so well and seem to be enjoying spending time together.

Christina D.
Swing Keeper III, Mammals

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