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Wattled crane

Cranes are a family of birds comprising 15 species that live across five continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and...
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Slender-tailed Meerkat

Meerkats are well-known to most people who enjoy animals because of their charismatic postures and social activities. They live in...
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The ostrich is the largest living bird species on Earth and is related to cassowaries and rheas. Ostriches cannot fly...
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Common Warthog

Common warthogs are a species of wild pig with many similarities to the domesticated pig raised by humans. They are...
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Red Panda

Red pandas are classified in their own family, Ailuridae, and are distantly related to raccoons. Unlike their name suggests,...
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Schmidt’s Guenon

Guenons are a diverse group of Old World monkeys, characterized by enormous cheek pouches that they stuff with food opportunistically...
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Wolf’s Guenon

The word “guenon” means fright in French and refers to the monkeys’ appearance (exposed teeth or grimacing) when excited. ...
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Kunekune Pig

Pigs were among one of the very first domesticated animals, and they have been part of human life as companions...
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Malayan Sun Bear

These highly arboreal bears have exceptionally long claws and tongues to help them forage for honey, insects, and other small...
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Bali Mynah

The Bali mynah’s status as a symbol of wealth and popularity within the pet trade have dramatically reduced wild populations...
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Blue Crane

Like most cranes, the beauty, grace, and dramatic ritualized mating dances of the blue crane make them iconic and popular...
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Chilean Flamingo

One of the Zoo’s most recognizable bird species, the Chilean flamingo is a robust bird species native to the southern...
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These medium-sized mammals may weigh sometimes up to 50 pounds. They use their prehensile tails and specialized wrists and ankles...
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Kori Bustard

Kori bustards are very large, ground-dwelling birds that that eat a variety of insects, small animals and some plants. The...
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Drills are very distinctive primates that are related to baboons. They live in complex social groups led by a single...
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Golden Lion Tamarin

These small monkeys live only in the unique Atlantic Coastal Forests of Brazil, where they are endangered mostly because of...
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Diamondback Terrapin

The diamondback terrapin is unique among all turtles, except sea turtles, in that it lives in coastal brackish waters (mixture...
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Spotted Turtle

A shy inhabitant of shallow wetlands in eastern North America, the spotted turtle gets its name from the distinctive spotted...
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