Schmidt’s Guenon

Schmidt’s Guenon

Guenons are a diverse group of Old World monkeys, characterized by enormous cheek pouches that they stuff with food opportunistically as they forage. They will then actually consume the bounty from their recent foraging bout in a secluded retreat, safe from predators. They mainly eat fruits and small animals such as insects or lizards. Like the other species of guenon, these are social animals living in family groups, with a single dominant male. Group size may reach 50 animals when resources are abundant, but groups may split into smaller units if resources become scarce.

Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti


Middle Africa [VIEW MAP]

Forests, Rainforests

The Schmidt’s guenons are visible from two perspectives, one on the observation deck in the Monkeys of Makokou area. You can also see them as you are on your way to Otterly cool ice treats.

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