Common Warthog

Common Warthog

Common warthogs are a species of wild pig with many similarities to the domesticated pig raised by humans. They are voracious foragers, using their very powerful neck muscles to drive their snouts into soils to uncover anything edible. The soil in an area of ground that has been foraged by a warthog or other species of pig is obviously overturned, and it is unlikely that anything edible remains. Warthogs’ excellent sense of smell helps direct their foraging efforts to places most likely to have tubers, roots, or small animals directly under the surface of the soil.

Phacochoerus africanus


Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa [VIEW MAP]

Grasslands, Woodlands

The warthogs are not currently visible to guests as we build them a new-and-improved habitat during construction of Grand New View. Don’t worry: Shirley and Eleanor aren’t going anywhere! They’re still here receiving superior care. Look for them in their new home with the opening of Grand New View in late 2019!

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