Wolf’s Guenon

Wolf’s Guenon

The word “guenon” means fright in French and refers to the monkeys’ appearance (exposed teeth or grimacing) when excited. The name “wolf” is derived from the name of the person who discovered the species; it has nothing to do with a resemblance to wolves. Guenon species are a diverse group of Old World monkeys. Unlike their close relatives the colobus monkeys, guenons have enormous cheek pouches that they stuff with food opportunistically as they forage for fruits and small animals, then retire to feed from a safe treetop retreat.

Cercopithecus wolfii


Middle Africa [VIEW MAP]

Forests, Rainforests

The Wolf’s guenons may be seen from two perspectives, one from inside The Living Treehouse and the other from an outdoor view near the other small African primates. On colder days, however, they generally will choose to remain in their heated indoor areas.

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