Kunekune Pig

Kunekune Pig

Pigs were among one of the very first domesticated animals, and they have been part of human life as companions and sources of food for millennia. Many thousands of years of selective breeding have produced a large of number of breeds specialized for different purposes and climates. Domestic pigs can quickly become established as feral hogs in almost any habitat. In places such as the eastern U.S., where there are no native pigs, feral hogs create significant habitat damage with their foraging behaviors.

Sus scrofa domesticus


New Zealand [VIEW MAP]

Urban Areas

The Kune kune pigs, Aria and Stark, live on habitat at the end of the barn. They have indoor and outdoor space, so sometimes you have to look around to find them. If you are looking forward to petting a kune kune, try visiting on a warm sunny morning when the pigs often get time in the contact yard. Sometimes the pigs want to stay in the yard for hours while other days they only want to take a quick lap then go back to their own habitat. We let them take the lead on where they want to spend their time.

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