Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard

Kori bustards are very large, ground-dwelling birds that that eat a variety of insects, small animals and some plants. The males are among the heaviest of all flying birds. Recent threats from large-scale agriculture and the bushmeat trade have resulted in sudden declines in this species.

Ardeotis kori


Eastern Africa, Southern Africa [VIEW MAP]

Grasslands, Woodlands

Kori bustards are robust birds and thrive in most of Atlanta’s seasonal conditions. However, on the coldest or rainiest days, they may choose to be in their covered shelters and may not be as visible. If you are lucky, you will see and hear the amazing breeding postures and vocalizations from the male. If you hear a slowly repeated, deep booming vocalization while on the north side of the Zoo, be sure to go check the kori bustard habitat to see if the male is responsible. If so, he will be standing still, with his throat enormously inflated with feathers puffed out in every direction, and uttering one of the most amazing of all natural sounds—quite a sensory thrill for our lucky guests!

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