Endangered Species Day

May 21

Endangered Species Day is held annually on the third Friday in May to bring awareness to the plight of wildlife populations. Join us to celebrate species diversity and learn how you can make choices at home that help wildlife around the world! 

Activities are free for all guests. 

Why should you care? 

We share the Earth with an amazing variety of speciesFrom microscopic bacteria to massive mammals like the blue whale or African elephant, all life on Earth is connected. Although some of these connections are easier to see than others, we must remember that our actions impact the lives of numerous other species. As the human population continues to grow, it is increasingly imperative to lessen our individual impacts on the environment that supports all life on Earth. 

You can help by taking simple actions to reduce the environmental impact of your daily life. Small actions, like cutting out one serving of beef each week from mealsreducing single-use plastics, and growing native plants in your yard, can have positive impacts on wildlife. 

At-home Activities 

Activity Guide

Barcode Bingo 

Life of a Plastic Bottle Game

Life of a Plastic Bottle Answer Key

Connect With Your Wild Side #onlyzooatl