African Savanna

Now open: the all-new African Savanna


Now open!

It’s a new day on the African Savanna, one of Earth’s most iconic wild places. Here in this legendary landscape, all life is connected – with surprising connections to us here at home. Join the journey to a historic transformation of Zoo Atlanta!

Animals of the African Savanna are acclimating to their new spaces. Since it’s very important to us that they have opportunities to explore their environments at their own pace, the entire complement of Savanna animals may not be visible right away. 


Want to celebrate the opening of the all-new African Savanna and give back in a larger-than-life way? Shop our Zambezi Elephant Center gift registry for special housewarming enrichment items for Tara, Kelly and Msholo. Be sure to visit to see your purchases in action!

A new home for African elephants

African elephants Kelly and Tara moved to their new environment in June 2019. Zoo Atlanta welcomed Msholo, an adult male African elephant from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, in July 2019.

The new elephant environment more than triples the size of the elephants’ former habitat and is a dynamic living space featuring elements specifically designed for elephant well-being and enrichment.

Elements include Abana Pond, the largest of the complex’s three water features, a pond with 360-degree access and a gentle slope for ease of use by multiple elephants. Other elements include Chishimba Falls and Kalambo Falls, waterfalls named for falls in Africa, and a feeder enrichment activity wall.

The state-of-the-art indoor Zambezi Elephant Center also features elements incorporated with elephant well-being in mind, including sand under their feet. The guest experience at the Zambezi Elephant Center offers visitors an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the elephants’ care.

A new habitat for giraffes

A mixed-species habitat, adjacent to the elephant environment, will be shared by giraffes, zebras and ostriches. This new, flatter habitat provides the giraffe herd with more usable space than ever before and will give guests an opportunity to explore pathways at ground level, looking up to appreciate the true height of Earth’s tallest living mammals. 

New habitats for zebras, ostriches, warthogs and meerkats

The elephant and giraffe/zebra/ostrich habitats are bordered by new habitats for meerkats and warthogs. Explore new environments for two of the species that make this ecosystem one of the planet’s best-known wild landscapes.

New to the Zoo later this year: southern white rhinos

Southern white rhinos will join the Zoo Atlanta family later in 2019 in a newly-designed home in the former elephant habitat.

A new commitment

Conservation South Luangwa

The messages of the African Savanna focus on the conservation connections between Atlanta and the wild savannas of Africa and the everyday actions we can all take to affect positive change for wildlife and wild places.

Learn more about Zoo Atlanta’s new partnership with Conservation South Luangwa as we commit to protecting African elephants and other species impacted by wildlife trafficking and human-wildlife conflict.

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Zoo Atlanta opens all-new African Savanna

In the highly anticipated first phase of an unprecedented transformation at Zoo Atlanta, the all-new African Savanna opened on August 8, 2019.


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Zoo Atlanta welcomes Msholo, an adult male African elephant from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, to the Zambezi Elephant Center at the all-new African Savanna, opening on August 8, 2019.


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African Elephant

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