Savanna animals are acclimating to new habitats. Visibility is subject to change.

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9:30 am - 6:30 pm
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Saturday, August 17

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Teacher Resources

From scavenger hunts for a self-guided field trip to classroom activities that will enrich your classroom curriculum, the Zoo has a variety of resources for you.  All resources are developed by grade(s) and are aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence. 

Are you coming to the Zoo for a self-guided experience?  Use our Explore Guides, which will direct your students’ self-guided exploration of the Zoo.  If your class is coming for a Zoo Challenge program, you can utilize the Challenge Guides to enhance the experience.  Each Guide has specific pre-and-post-lessons that directly link with the specific Zoo Challenge program your students will enjoy when they come to the Zoo.  Perhaps the Zoo is coming to you, or if you are looking for some additional classroom resources, use the Zoo Connection Lessons to enhance your classroom learning.  These lessons are designed to align with standards and provide a hands-on learning experience.

2019 – 2020 School Program Guide

To learn more about our programs and resources, download our 2019 – 2020 School Program Guide.

Explore Guides

Self-guided Field Trip Materials

Explore Guides (PDFs)

Move Like an Animal PreK-K

Animal Needs
1st grade
Coming Soon
2nd grade
Coming Soon 3rd – 5th grade
Coming Soon 6th – 8th grade
Coming Soon 9th – 12th grade

Challenge Guides

Pre-and-post-experiences for all Zoo Challenge programs 

Challenge Guides (PDFs)
Coming Soon!

Animal Exploration

Staying Alive
K – 1st grade

Bee-cause We Need Pollinators

2nd grade
Discover Georgia 3rd – 4th grade
Creature Classification 5th grade
Wild Weather 6th grade
Journey Through Georgia 7th – 8th grade
Project Research 9th – 12th grade


Information Packets by Program (PDFs)

Zoo Challenge Wild Walks