Wild Walks: School Groups

Take a walk with a Wild Guide and get a personalized understanding of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors and how we care for them. During this one-hour experience, a wild guide will engage walkers with facts, stories and information about the animals in our care, as well as share details about Zoo Atlanta’s conservation efforts and ways you can help save species.

Daily, year-round

9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. Program is 60 minutes long.

$17.99 per student (includes Zoo admission)

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One chaperone per 10 students is admitted free, additional chaperones pay student price.

CAPACITY: Minimum of 10 – Maximum of 120 per session

Because of the extent of walking, these tours are best suited for grades K-12th.


Grades PreK-5: Animal Adaptations
Run, jump, crawl and climb – animals have amazing adaptations to move, hide and stay alive. Tour the Zoo and observe animals in action to learn what makes them unique and maybe even similar to us. GSE: CD-SC3; SKL2; S1L1; S2L1; S3L1; S4L1; S5L2 NGSS: K-LS1; 1-LS1; 2-LS4; 3-LS4; 4-LS1; 5-PS3

Grades 6-8: We’re All Connected
From the mighty oaks to the tiny terrapins, we are all connected on this Earth. During your tour, learn about different roles that animals play in their ecosystems, and find out why biodiversity is so important. GSE: S6E4; S7L4; S8P2 NGSS: MS-LS2; MS-LS4

Grades 9-12: Conservation Connections
Plants and animals around the globe face the threat of extinction and need our help. Learn about Zoo Atlanta’s conservation and research initiatives, and explore the ways the animals in our care are ambassadors for their wild counterparts. GSE: SB5; SB6; SEC1; SEC5; SEV1; SEV4; SZ4 NGSS: HS-LS2

All Grade Levels: STEM Wild Walk
Engineers often use the natural world as inspiration for design. During this guided experience, students will explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, discuss the amazing world of bio-inspired design, and learn how animals and nature continue to inspire engineers every day! Students will learn about the practice of bio-inspired design and how it can help us identify solutions to human problems. Maybe you will become inspired to create as well.


  • Educational Group Reservations must be made at least 5 weeks prior to program date. 
  • Non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at the time of reservation. 
  • Minimum group size for all guided programs is 10. 
  • One chaperone per 10 students is admitted free; additional chaperones pay student price. 
  • Membership discounts do not apply to this program. 
  • Group leader is required to complete one online digital waiver  per group prior to the program. 
  • Final head count is due 4 weeks before your scheduled visit 
  • We ask all participants to stay home if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.


  • Payment is due at least 4 weeks prior to the date of your visit. Unpaid reservations will be cancelled if payment is not received.
  • Refunds will not be given for any unused portion of your reservation.
  • Collection of funds and payment of all attendees is the responsibility of the group. Payment must be made to the Education Reservations personnel.


  • All cancellations forfeit the $50 deposit.
  • Cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to the program date must pay 50% of the total cost of the program.
  • Reschedules must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your schedule program date to avoid fees.
  • Reschedules made less than 2 weeks before original date will result in the loss of original deposit. Another deposit is required.
  • Educational Groups will not receive refunds for rain. For instances of severe inclement weather, please contact Education Reservations at 404.624.5822.


  • You can pre-order your lunch! For just $8.50 per person + tax, your group can order your choice of pizza or sandwich, whole fruit, cookie and a drink! Please complete the order form and submit via email to specialevents@zooatlanta.org or by phone at 404.624.5995. Orders must be placed 14 days prior to your visit. 
  • Group lunch storage is available in the Zoo at The Lunch Den, Monday through Friday, year-round near Treetop Trail. Lunches must be in labeled cooler/container.


  • Bus drivers are permitted to drop off their groups in the turnaround circle in the Cherokee Avenue parking lot. See our map for further details.
  • Bus parking is not available in the City of Atlanta public parking lots on Cherokee Avenue and Boulevard. As such, we recommend that buses park on the street. While buses are parked, please consider shutting off engines to promote a healthy environment for our neighbors.
  • Offsite bus parking is available at the Marshalling Yard at 362 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, Atlanta, GA, 30313, for $28.25 per day.
  • Car parking is conveniently located in the lot on Cherokee Avenue and in the new Grant Park Gateway parking facility on Boulevard. Learn more about parking rates and locations.


  • Zoo Atlanta welcomes all guests and makes every effort to ensure that our pathways, habitats and facilities are accessible, so you have a safe and enjoyable visit. For information on wheelchair rentals, resources for guests with sensory-processing needs, and more visit our Accessibility page.


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