Ivan – Wild Within

Beyond the pages of the book and off the big screen, Ivan the gorilla has a larger story to share with the world about his remarkable journey from Africa to Atlanta and the incredible legacy he left behind. 

Born in the wild, Ivan the western lowland gorilla spent the first part of his life raised by humans and later living in a shopping mall in Tacoma, Washington. He came to Zoo Atlanta in 1994. While his upbringing was unconventional and is now considered unacceptable, Ivan was given the opportunity to explore his wild roots at Zoo Atlanta for the remainder of his years before his passing in 2012 at the age of 50. To Zoo Atlanta and those who knew him best, Ivan was a fun loving gorilla with a few human-like habits and the heart of a wild gorilla. As his primary care specialist and also his friend, Associate Curator of Primates Jodi Carrigan knew him best. 

In this 45-minute program, students will have the opportunity to see photos and video and hear recorded stories about Ivan’s upbringing and time at Zoo Atlanta from Jodi while engaging with a live Zoo Educator to answer questions and learn more about gorillas.  

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LENGTH: 45 minutes


Forage Like a Gorilla (PDF)      
Gorilla Grooming (PDF)      
Know Your Noses (PDF)      
Gorilla Olympics (PDF)      
Gorilla Paint-ionary (PDF)

Available daily year-round

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The program is designed for classes of up to 30 students and will be hosted on Zoom – an easy, cloud platform for video and audio interaction. 


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