ZooMobile Outreach

Program Types:

Beastly Basics (grades K-2nd)

K-2nd grade
Explore animal characteristics and learn how animals meet their basic needs and care for their young. ...

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Creature Connections (grades 6th-8th)

6th - 8th grade
Students will discuss the delicate balance of species in the food web by examining animal skulls and...

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Endangered Species (grades 9th-12th)

9th - 12th grade
Why are many animals endangered and what can students do to help prevent extinction? ...

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Georgia Goes Wild (grades 3rd-4th)

3rd-4th grade
Students become immersed in the similarities and differences between mammals and reptiles from Georgia and around the world....

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What Vertebrate am I? (grade 5th)

5th grade
What makes a mammal a mammal? Students will learn the features used to classify vertebrates and practice classification....

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Wild Features (grade Pre-K)

What do we have in common with animals? More than you would imagine!

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