ZooMobile Outreach

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Let the Zoo come to YOU! Learn all about wildlife and wild places without leaving your classroom.

This popular program gives your students a connection to animals and conservation while complementing your curriculum. All programs are in line with Georgia Standards of Excellence and include live animal encounters and engaging activities. ZooMobile programs are designed for Pre-K to 12th grade. Make the most of the Zoo’s visit by booking up to three 45-minute programs. 

Interested in other education programs? Learn more about our program offerings and resources with our School Program Guide

Program Types:

Wild Features (grade Pre-K)

Discover the wild features of different animals and understand what makes them similar to and different from one another. ...

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Beastly Basics (grades K-1st)

K-1st grade
Explore the basic needs of plants and animals as students compare and contrast animal and plant adaptations and characteristics. ...

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Gotta Grow Up (grade 2nd)

2nd grade Read more below to see what theme is available during your Zoomobile visit!

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Georgia Goes Wild (grades 3rd-4th)

3rd-4th grade
Georgia is a wild and wonderful state with a diversity of species found across the five regions....

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What Vertebrate am I? (grade 5th)

5th grade
Through investigation, questioning, and observation, students will identify invertebrates and vertebrates and discover the differences between mammals, amphibians, fish,...

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Discovering Biomes (grades 6th-8th)

6th - 8th grade
Discover the major biomes of the world and explore the animals that call it home. ...

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Endangered Species (grades 9th-12th)

9th - 12th grade
From tiny insects to colorful birds, exotic plants and mysterious mammals, the Earth is rich in biodiversity....

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