Field Trips: Zoo Challenge

Engage, explore, explain! Enhance your field trip to the Zoo by signing-up for a Zoo Challenge program led by Zoo Atlanta Educators. Support your classroom curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade students with real-world explorations that connect students to issues affecting wildlife and wild places.

Students will learn about animals, wildlife conservation, and research at Zoo Atlanta as we integrate the Georgia Standards of Excellence Science Standards and STEM through activities, animal ambassador encounters, and Zoo exploration. From biodiversity to basic needs, we have a program that best fits your curriculum, your students, and your context!

Take a trip to the Zoo without getting on a bus! Check out our Virtual Zoo Challenge program, where students will take a live virtual tour of Zoo Atlanta hosted by a Zoo Educator. 

Program Types:


Grades: Pre-K
Come explore your senses and connect to the ways animals meet their basic needs using sight, sound, taste,...

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K-1 Grades

Engage and explore your sense of touch as students discover the different textures found in nature while learning how animals...

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2nd Grade

2nd grade
Examine the lifecycle of pollinators and discuss the important role they play in the food chain. Search for pollinators...

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3rd-4th Grade

3rd-4th grade
Explore how plants and animals capture and utilize the sun’s energy within an ecosystem. ...

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5th-6th Grade

5th - 6th grade
Explore the five vertebrate classes to understand how scientists classify living things.

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7th Grade

7th grade
Explore species to investigate the diversity of living organisms and the ways they can be compared scientifically....

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8th Grade

8th grade
Discover different forces and simple machines that animals use in their daily life to survive. ...

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9-12th Grade

9th-12th grade
Discover and discuss species biodiversity as it relates to interdependent relationships for species’ survival. ...

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