Field Trips: Zoo Challenge

Engage, explore, explain! For only $5 more to your educational group admission, enhance your field trip to the Zoo by signing-up for a Zoo Challenge program led by Zoo Atlanta Educators. Support your classroom curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade students with real-world explorations that connect students to issues affecting wildlife and wild places.

Students will learn about animals, wildlife conservation, and research at Zoo Atlanta as we integrate the Georgia Standards of Excellence Science Standards and STEM through inquiry-based learning stations and Zoo exploration. From food webs on the African Savanna to the role of pollinators on our planet, we have a program that best fits your curriculum, your students, and your context! 


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Program Types:

Animal Exploration (grades Pre-K)

Grades: Pre-K
Come explore your senses and connect to the ways animals meet their basic needs using sight, sound, taste,...

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Staying Alive (grades K-1)

Students will use their senses and science tools to group animals according to their features and basic needs....

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Bee-cause We Need Pollinators (grade 2nd)

2nd grade
Students will examine the sequence of life cycles and discover the important role of pollinators....

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Discover Georgia (grades 3rd-4th)

3rd-4th grade
Students will discover the similarities and differences in the regions of Georgia, the flow of energy, and roles of...

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Creature Classification (grade 5th)

5th grade
Students will explore animal adaptations and taxonomy through the sorting, gathering of information, and the development of their own...

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Wild Weather (grade 6th)

6th grade
Students will explore how animals develop adaptations to adjust to changes in the climate, such as the ways changes...

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Journey through Georgia (grades 7– 8th)

7th-8th grade
Students will explore Georgia’s natural wonders.

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Project Research (grades 9-12th)

9th-12th grade
Students will learn the research basics through hands-on, minds-on experience and explore the research conducted by Zoo Atlanta....

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