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Activity Packets

Zoo Atlanta worked with classroom teachers to design a variety of activity packets and planning guides to help align your visit with educational standards. The Field Trip Guides include Georgia Performance Standards, rubrics for each grade level, as well as activities to conduct with your students before, during and after your visit. Utilize our Activity Packets for additional activities to use in the classroom before and after your visit.

Field Trip Guide Packets (PDFs)
Interdisciplinary Zoo Journey
Students identify stages in the life cycle, use graphic organizers to classify animals, discover endangered animals and research their causes, draw animals and their habitats and study animal behavior.
Naturalist’s Expedition
Students explore the natural world, learn about biodiversity, find answers to specific questions about flora and fauna and track their discoveries in their own Zoo Atlanta Field Journal.
Animal Behavior Study
Students spend one or more days studying animal behavior at the Zoo. This is ideal for advanced biology students who want to substitute their Animal Behavior Lab with observations of living animals at the Zoo.
Wet or Wintry Weather Trip Packet
Includes activities that are in covered areas in the Zoo: Act Like a Gorilla, Ambush Tag, Tiger Survival Game, Animal Training Role-Play and Be a Field Biologist.


Pre and Post Activity Packets (PDFs) – Coming soon!
PreK-K 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade
5th grade 6th grade 7th grade 8th grade

9th-12th grade


Information Packets by Program (PDFs)
Zoo Challenge Wild Walks
NightCrawler Overnights ZooMobile Outreach