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SweetWater Beer Garden

The all-new SweetWater Beer Garden offers an intimate opportunity to watch wildlife while you enjoy a local brew.

Giraffe Feeding

Join the Zoo Atlanta Team and hand-feed the tallest living land mammals!

Warthog Keeper Talk

Learn all about warthogs from our animal care team.

Splash Fountain

Splash Fountain offers visitors an entertaining break as they cool down!

Bald Eagle Keeper Talk

Learn about Sequoyah the Bald eagle from his animal care team.

Blue-throated Macaw Talk

A member of the Bird Care Team will give an informative chat about blue-throated macaws. It will include information about their natural history, individual history, and conservation.

Nourish Café

Nourish Café offers a wide variety of menu options. Skip the lines by placing an order using our all-new mobile ordering site!

The COOP Food Truck

Zoo Atlanta’s resident food truck, The COOP, features all-natural, hand-breaded chicken tenders and fries.

Lion Talk

Learn more about our trio of African lions with fun facts on their diet, behaviors and more!

Elephant Training Demonstration

Guests can observe the Elephant Care Team demonstrating different husbandry activities with Msholo, Kelly, and Tara.