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Boo at the Zoo: Magic Show

Celebrate Boo at the Zoo with a special Magic Show at the Zambezi Elephant Center. 

Boo at the Zoo: Storytelling Activity

Celebrate Boo at the Zoo with a special Storytelling activity at the Zambezi Elephant Center. 

Magic Memories Photos

Now everyone can be in the picture! Upon entry, you’ll receive a “Memory Pass” card you will use to collect your photos during your visit. Then, stop by the Flamingo Plaza Photo Spot where our team will help you take your first photo.

Giant Snake Keeper Talk

A Herpetology Team member will give a talk about the green anacondas and reticulated python who live in Scaly Slimy Spectacular. The keeper will answer questions about these snakes and discuss aspects of their natural history and care.

Treetop Tykes Trail

An all-new ropes course experience for our youngest adventurers.

OOZ Grilled Cheese Truck

Our brand-new food truck, OOZ, features mouthwatering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and crispy tater tots.

SweetWater Beer Garden

The all-new SweetWater Beer Garden offers an intimate opportunity to watch wildlife while you enjoy a local brew.

Blue-throated Macaw Talk

A member of the Bird Care Team will give an informative chat about blue-throated macaws. It will include information about their natural history, individual history, and conservation.

Gorilla Feeding (Habitat 1)

Watch a keeper give the gorillas their afternoon fruit, and learn more about their care – a perfect chance to see the troop on the move.

Elephant Care Demonstration

Ranging from a bath, footwork, training session or simple feeding time, see how our elephant care experts take care of the African elephants. Learn about the highly specialized care elephants receive at Zoo Atlanta. Guests can observe the Elephant Care Team demonstrating different husbandry activities with Msholo, Kelly, and Tara.