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Carnivore digestion

Happy National Zookeepers Week, everyone, Carnivore Keeper Allie here! As I am writing this, I’m stuffing my face with lots...
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Animal Awareness Days

Here at Zoo Atlanta, we host many different types of events for our Members and guests to enjoy. Certain events...
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Panda Updates – Monday, February 11

If you read the last update, you saw that one of our Carnivore Team primary keepers, Kelly, has been training...
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Nesting with sun bears

One of the great benefits that we have as animal care professionals is that we get to watch the animals...
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Carnivores are ready for spring!

Spring is here! Or is it? My allergies say yes, but the heat in my house is saying otherwise. Either...
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Sun Bear Feeding

Learn about these impressive carnivores from their animal care professionals. 
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Sun Bear Tongues and Frog Tongues

The animals at Zoo Atlanta represent so many opportunities for biologists around the world to learn basic information about, well,...
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Endangered Species Day

Join us to celebrate species diversity and learn how you can make choices at home that help wildlife around the world! ...
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Thursday, October 6

Hello, Zoo fans! My name is Matt Schultz, and I am the new Swing Keeper for the Mammal Department. I...
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