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Animal Awareness Days

Here at Zoo Atlanta, we host many different types of events for our Members and guests to enjoy. Certain events fall under the category of Animal Awareness Day. Animal Awareness Days are special days throughout the year that focus on a specific animal or group of animals. Each event day is full of unique activities for a variety of ages that highlight the celebrated species. Depending on the day, guests may Forage Like a Kori, Leap like a Lemur, Paint Like an Elephant, or piece together a Map of Madagascar! The activities are a fun, hands-on way to learn all about and connect to the star species of the day.

In addition to the activities, each Animal Awareness Day will include special talks from members of the Animal Care Team working most closely with the animals. Guests may get the chance to observe special feedings or watch the animal interacting with new enrichment! Each Animal Awareness Day offers buttons designed by our Multimedia Team with our amazing animals in mind. Guests can purchase these exclusive buttons, and all proceeds go to a related conservation organization to help that specific species.

Coming up in May, we’re hosting brand-new Animal Awareness Day events! Join us May 11 to migrate around the Zoo to learn all about birds during World Migratory Bird Day. Activities include making your own binoculars, learning how to go birding, and discovering how you can help migratory birds in the wild. Next, we will be shining a light on the smallest type of bear on Sun Bear Day presented by Teddy Grahams on May 16. Test your smarts by solving a sun bear feeder puzzle, and then learn how your shopping habits can affect this awesome creature.

Each Animal Awareness Day is unique and fun in its own way. Check our event pages to find out more. Collect all the buttons and show off your animal loving side!

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