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Event Volunteers

If you’ve ever attended Boo at the Zoo, The Beastly Feast, Brew at the Zoo, or any of Zoo Atlanta’s...
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Why zoos matter

One common thread in my interactions with our audiences is that many people believe that zoos exist to entertain an...
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STEM Careers at Zoo Atlanta

While on the surface it may seem like biology would be the only background you need to work at a...
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Youth Conservation in Action 

What does it look like to be a youth conservation hero? The word “conservation” may make you think about traveling...
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Why zoos matter: Educate and take action! 

Why DO zoos matter? Why is it important, not only for humans, but also for the animals, to continue to...
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Welcome back to school! 

After a year that was full of challenges and change, we at Zoo Atlanta hope that you each had a...
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Sensory inclusion

All around the Zoo, you’ll see small black signs with an icon that looks like a heart wearing headphones. The signs may say...
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Back to school is just around the corner! 

Hopefully this summer has been a much deserved, relaxing break! With back to school around the corner, you may be...
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Ensuring Species Survival

What’s a great word? Assurance. It’s a comforting word, isn’t it? A word full of confidence and promise. We could...
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Wild summer reading

Warm weather and sunny days are just around the corner! This summer, revive a love for literature and connect with...
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Connect With Your Wild Side #onlyzooatl