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Back to school is just around the corner! 

Hopefully this summer has been a much deserved, relaxing break! With back to school around the corner, you may be beginning to think about lesson planning and curriculum for the fall semester. Did you know that Zoo Atlanta has a variety of free activities and resources for students and teachers, available on our Learn page? From videos to handouts and backyard activities, the Learn page has learning experiences for all age levels! 

Whether learning in person, from home, or on a hybrid schedule, make sure to check out Zoo2You videos. These are short videos that give a quick look at particular topics. Learn about tarantulas with Brittany as you dive into an invertebrate lesson, or find out why Thor the gopher tortoise is a keystone species! Watch them all and identify the key differences between mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds!  Use these videos as an introduction to the vertebrate classes, or to reinforce something that you have already covered. 

Looking for ways for students to make scientific observations? Check out our PandaCam, a livestream of what the pandas are doing 24/7! Students can act as researchers and record what they see the pandas doing. Then, as a class, compare the data! Afterwards, check out the research being done right now at Zoo Atlanta by visiting our Research page. Here you can learn about the mapping of the Komodo dragon genome, the Great Ape Heart Project, and much more! 

Planning a field trip to the Zoo? Virtual programs are still here, and in person programs and ZooMobiles are back! Self-guided field trips, Wild Walks and Virtual Zoo Explorations are all fun ways to visit the Zoo in person. Are you leading a Scout group or after-school program? Check out NightCrawlers and Twilight Treks, which explore the Zoo after-hours, and see what the animals do as the sun sets! After your trip, use the Animal pages to learn even more about your favorite animals. 

Regardless of how you are teaching this year, enjoy your well-earned break. As you plan, remember that Zoo Atlanta is here to support you, both in person and virtually! 

Connect With Your Wild Side #onlyzooatl