Zoo Atlanta will close early on Sat., May 25 for Brew at the Zoo. Gates will close at 1:30 p.m. and grounds will close at 3 p.m. 

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Sensory inclusion

All around the Zoo, you’ll see small black signs with an icon that looks like a heart wearing headphones. The signs may say things like “headphone zone” or “quiet area.” You’ll see the same icons on the map, and you may even see it on a backpack or lanyard worn by a guest. But what does this icon mean? Well, it means inclusion! Please visit our website to learn even more about our onsite accommodations and learn how to access our sensory inclusion materials.  

Zoo Atlanta has partnered with KultureCity, an organization dedicated to helping facilities become sensory-inclusive, since 2018. Guests of any age with sensory needs can check out a sensory inclusion bag from the Member Services office. This lightweight backpack contains a lanyard, a pair of noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys, and a guided communication card. It is free to use during your visit, but you’ll need to leave an ID with the office as a deposit. 

Once inside the Zoo, you can follow the icons on the map or look for the signs hung near habitat entrances to find which areas tend to be louder (such as The Living Treehouse and our main playground) and which tend to be quieter (such as the smaller playgrounds or the rest area next to Scaly Slimy Spectacular). Louder areas are called “headphone zones,” and we recommend using the noise-canceling headphones while in those areas. We also have weighted lap pads available for use on the train and carousel, as well as at the World of Wild Theater. 

Whether someone in your group needs to use a sensory inclusion bag or not, we hope that everyone has a fun and welcoming time here at Zoo Atlanta! Please visit our website here to learn even more about our onsite accommodations: https://zooatlanta.org/visit/accessibility/ or email us at guestexperience@zooatlanta.org with any questions. 

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