Zoo Atlanta will close early on Sunday, March 10 for a Zoo team member event. Gates will close at 2 p.m., grounds will close at 3:30 p.m. 

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Giraffe Feeding

Giraffe feeding has ended for the season and will reopen March of 2024. Join the Zoo Atlanta Team and hand-feed...
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Abu was dominant and headstrong. He arrived at Zoo Atlanta in 2006. In 2010, he became the father of the...
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Zoo Atlanta mourns loss of Abu

The Zoo Atlanta community is saddened to share that Abu the giraffe has died. At 16, Abu was the oldest...
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Follow-up procedure planned for Abu

The Animal Care and Veterinary Teams at Zoo Atlanta will soon undertake a follow-up veterinary procedure for Abu the giraffe....
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A successful procedure for Abu

The Animal Care and Veterinary Teams at Zoo Atlanta are pleased to share that a significant veterinary procedure for 15-year-old...
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Significant veterinary procedure for giraffe Abu

The Animal Care and Veterinary Teams at Zoo Atlanta will soon undertake a significant veterinary procedure for the well-being of...
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Studying the substrates our giraffes prefer

Throughout my career as an animal care professional, there have been several opportunities to get super nerdy and use research...
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Browsing with the giraffes

Hey guys! Nadia here from the Hoofstock Team. While you’re browsing through Zoo Atlanta’s social media, I’m going to tell...
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Caring for Abu

As many of you know, Abu, our oldest giraffe, recently underwent an important medical procedure that required his hooves to...
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Update on Abu the Giraffe

The Animal Care and Veterinary Teams at Zoo Atlanta are pleased to share that a significant veterinary procedure for Abu,...
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Pun with Animals

Join Ambassador Animals Keepers Deidre and Emily for a lighter look at the world of wildlife during an extraordinary time...
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Why Zoos Matter

Biodiversity is important.  Healthy diversity of species (plants, animals, etc.) is key to our way of life, as it provides...
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How do you tell the animals apart?

One of the most common questions we get about the animals is how to tell them apart. Many guests feel...
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Animal explorations on the new African Savanna

The opening of a new habitat is exciting, but it is also a lot of hard work. As the care...
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What’s in an intro?

Much planning goes into opening a new habitat for any animal, but it gets a bit more challenging when you...
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The Animals of the New African Savanna

Imagine the African savanna. Wide, open and flat expanses with tall yellow grasses. Sparse trees and shrubs dotting the landscape....
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Behind the scenes with the savanna animals

We’re excitedly awaiting the opening of the new African Savanna this summer. In the meantime, we continue to take full...
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Savanna Animal Keeper Talk

Meet and talk to one of the team members dedicated to the care of the savanna animals at the Zoo....
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A new accomplishment for Abu

As work on our new savanna habitat continues, we’ve taken advantage of the fact that the savanna animals are always...
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Zoo saddened to announce death of Zuberi

Zoo Atlanta is deeply saddened to announce that Zuberi, an 8-year-old adult male reticulated giraffe, died unexpectedly during the afternoon...
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Creating a successful mixed-species habitat

If you’ve been following along with Zoo news recently, then you’ve heard all about our Grand New View project and...
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Getting the swing of things

Hello! I am one of the new Mammal Swing Keepers here at Zoo Atlanta. I have had a lot of...
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Keeper Stories – Thursday, January 19

It’s about time again for a giraffe training update! I believe when we last checked in, all but our oldest,...
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Tuesday, March 1

Thanks to a generous donation from Katherine and John Gallagher, the Hoofstock Department recently received a tamer for our giraffe...
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