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Update on Abu the Giraffe

The Animal Care and Veterinary Teams at Zoo Atlanta are pleased to share that a significant veterinary procedure for Abu, a 14-year-old male giraffe, was successful. The teams continue to monitor Abu closely following the procedure, which carried a high risk for complications.

Zoo Atlanta announced on May 6 that Abu, who at 14 is within the geriatric frame of the typical giraffe lifespan, required hoof trimming to slow the progression of arthritis in his front left foot, which the teams had been treating with anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications for some time. The procedure required general anesthesia, which is risky for older individuals, and especially for giraffes. The teams were joined by an external professional team specializing in the hoof care of giraffes.

Abu was up and walking not long after the procedure, and as of May 8, appears to already be experiencing positive effects of his treatment. The teams will continue to observe his behavior, as post-procedure complications may still occur even days after the event.

Visit to learn more about Abu and the other two members of his herd, younger males Etana and Isooba.

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