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Thursday, August 17

9:30 am
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5:30 pm
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  • Oh what fun, Ya and Xi are turning 1!

    And you’re invited to the party!

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  • Nature's cleanup crew needs a helping wing

    Vultures have an important job to do, but their numbers are in decline. Help us help them on World Vulture Day.

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  • Only the cutest chicks hang out at the Zoo

    Check out all these chicks (bird chicks, that is) this summer!

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  • Snakes with an appetite for a healthy ecosystem

    Read how Zoo Atlanta helps raise eastern indigo snakes, North America’s largest nonvenomous snake, to be introduced into the wild!

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Treetop Trail

Time to tackle the Trail!

Treetop Trail is now open. Can you “harness” your climbing skills and brave our new aerial playground?

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Panda Twin Tote Bags

Guess who has a birthday coming up?

We’re “totes” excited, and we want you to be “totes” excited too, so get your limited-edition Panda Tote Bag to celebrate!

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City of Atlanta / Fulton County Family Days

Our big thank you to the City of Atlanta and Fulton County

Free admission for residents of the City of Atlanta or Fulton County or employees of the City of Atlanta or Fulton County Government.

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Sippin' Safari

Almost time to wine and dine!

Year two of our wine-tasting event, Sippin’ Safari, is coming up soon!

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News & Stories

Why reduce single-use plastics?

Plastic is a durable material made to last forever, yet 33 percent of it is used once and then discarded....
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Blue crane chick vet check

Hey, Zoo Atlanta fans! It’s been a busy summer here at Zoo Atlanta, and on recent visits many of you...
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A Good Egg, Indeed

A wonderfully diverse and cross-disciplinary team published a paper this month in the mega-prestigious journal Science that really struck a...
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Zoo family mourns passing of Chantek

The Zoo Atlanta family is saddened to announce the passing of Chantek, a 39-year-old male orangutan, on August 7, 2017....
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