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ZooMobile Outreach

In addition to the variety of programs offered at Zoo Atlanta that enhance your students’ science knowledge, we can bring the Zoo to you! From adaptations to classification, we have you covered! Learn all about wildlife and wild places without leaving your classroom. Our ZooMobile Outreach connects students to animals and conservation while complementing your classroom curriculum. All programs are aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence and include live animal encounters and engaging activities. ZooMobile Outreach programs are designed for Pre-K to 12th grade. Make the most of the Zoo’s visit by booking up to three 45-minute programs for up to 60 students.

Pre-K – Wild Features introduces Pre-K students to animal characteristics through fun and engaging activities. Students will group animals based on their features and meet Zoo animal ambassadors to observe those features up-close!

Grades K-2 – Beastly Basics helps student compare and contrast the basic needs of animals and plants. Students will test their plant and animal knowledge and will have the opportunity to learn how Zoo animal ambassadors meet their basic needs in the wild.

Grades 3-4 – Do your students want to know more about how animals are best adapted to the five regions of Georgia? In Georgia Goes Wild, educators will engage students in an inquiry-based activity to identify the adaptations of animals in Georgia and the ways they are best suited for one region or even more. 

Grade 5 – What Vertebrate Am I?  will actively engage students in the process of classification and encourage them to think like scientists. Students will compare and contrast the different vertebrate classes to identify mystery biofacts and will understand how animals are classified in the wild.

Grades 6-8 – From the desert to the tundra, Discovering Biomes is an inquiry-based program that challenges students to articulate how animals are best suited for the variety of biomes based on their characteristics. Students will compare and contrast the biomes around the world and will have the opportunity to meet Zoo animal ambassadors from different biomes and learn about their adaptations.  

Grades 9-12 – Endangered Species will enhance any environmental science class’s understanding of biodiversity and the issues facing wildlife and wild places. Students will engage in real-world conversations about biodiversity, learn how they can make a difference, and will have the opportunity to meet an animal ambassador that faces many threats in the wild.

We look forward to seeing you at the Zoo this school year and hope that we can bring the Zoo to you! For more information and to reserve your program, visit

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