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Celebrating birthdays behind the scenes

Hello everyone! Last week was a busy one for Team B in the Primate Department as we celebrated FIVE birthdays!...
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August and September bring birthdays for pandas

The months of August and September mean birthday time for all four of the giant pandas at Zoo Atlanta. Adult...
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Gerri the Angolan colobus turns 1!

On March 8, 2018, I had the most amazing opportunity of observing the birth of our youngest Angolan colobus monkey,...
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It’s giant panda birthday season!

August and September are birthday months for all four of the giant pandas at Zoo Atlanta. Adult female Lun Lun...
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Mija is turning 1!

Hello again everyone! I wanted to let you all know that we have a special birthday coming up in the...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, September 6

Sunday was the twins’ first birthday! The year has flown by! The girls celebrated their birthday just as their older...
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Ya Lun and Xi Lun are turning 1!

Ya Lun’s and Xi Lun’s big day will be the highlight of a black-and-white holiday weekend. Ya Lun and Xi...
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Panda Updates – Friday, August 18

This is the first time I have been around for a panda birthday, and it’s super fun that all four...
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Panda Updates – Friday, August 11

It’s almost party time in PandaLand! This time of year, there are a lot of exciting things happening for the...
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