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Terrapins Have A Future In The Wild

ATLANTA – September 22, 2016 – The newest turtles in Scaly Slimy Spectacular: The Amphibian and Reptile Experience didn’t hatch at Zoo Atlanta – they’re part of an important conservation program for a native Georgia icon. The 25 young diamondback terrapins now exploring the waters of the Zoo’s Georgia Tidal Creek are participants in the … Continue reading "Terrapins Have A Future In The Wild"

Thursday, September 22

“That is one handsome lizard!” Words any Herpetology Keeper would enjoy hearing while leisurely passing by a group of Zoo guests standing in awe over a reptile that resembles something from the Age of Dinosaurs. My Name is Trent Niesen, and as a Herpetology Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta, I have the pleasure of working … Continue reading "Thursday, September 22"

Tuesday, September 20th

Hey Zoo Atlanta fans! I’m Claire, a recent transplant to Georgia and an even more recent employee of this fabulous zoo! I moved to Atlanta from South Florida in May for my fourth elephant internship. I have always loved elephants. I fell in love as a 3-year-old at the Indianapolis Zoo. Any time I got … Continue reading "Tuesday, September 20th"

Western Lowland Gorilla Born

ATLANTA – September 19, 2016 – Kudzoo, a 22-year-old western lowland gorilla, gave birth to a female infant during the afternoon of September 18, 2016. The newborn is the third offspring of Kudzoo and 27-year-old silverback Taz and is a granddaughter of Kudzoo’s famous father, the late Willie B. “We’re delighted to welcome a new … Continue reading "Western Lowland Gorilla Born"

Thursday, September 15

It takes a lot of supplies to keep an animal department at Zoo Atlanta running. This is especially true for a department as large as Birds and Programs Animals. Keepers need to have a ready supply of tools and materials on hand to accomplish everyday tasks. Now, you might be asking yourself, don’t you have … Continue reading "Thursday, September 15"

Tuesday, September 13

Last year I wrote about being a swing keeper in the Bird Department here at Zoo Atlanta. Since then, I’ve become the primary keeper for the Living Treehouse routine. This means that I spend every day of my work week caring for the birds in The Living Treehouse, the kori bustards and the wreathed hornbills. The … Continue reading "Tuesday, September 13"

Thursday, September 8

My name is Michaela Daniel, and I am a Seasonal Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. You will find me, much like the amazing animals that I help care for, at Scaly Slimy Spectacular. One of the coolest things about this new building is that we give you a glimpse of varying animal habitats. I love … Continue reading "Thursday, September 8"

Giant pandas born

Giant panda twins born at Zoo Atlanta! Second birth completes a pair of twins for Lun Lun Lun Lun, a 19-year-old giant panda, gave birth to twins on September 3, 2016. Her first cub arrived at 7:20 a.m., followed 47 minutes later by the second of her twins, born at 8:07 a.m. The cubs, the … Continue reading "Giant pandas born"

Giant Panda Born At Zoo Atlanta

ATLANTA – September 3, 2016 – Lun Lun, a 19-year-old giant panda at Zoo Atlanta, gave birth to a single cub at 7:20 a.m. on September 3, 2016. As recent ultrasounds have confirmed that Lun Lun was carrying twins, birthwatch continues for the delivery of her second cub. The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams are … Continue reading "Giant Panda Born At Zoo Atlanta"

Lun Lun’s Second Cub Has Been Born

ATLANTA – September 3, 2016 – Lun Lun, a 19-year-old giant panda, gave birth to the second of her twins at 8:07 a.m. on September 3, 2016. Her first cub arrived at 7:20 a.m. The cubs, the first giant pandas born in the U.S. in 2016, are the second pair of twins for Lun Lun. … Continue reading "Lun Lun’s Second Cub Has Been Born"