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Panda Updates – Wednesday, October 4

The rate at which Ya Lun and Xi Lun grow and develop is so fun to watch. It seems like even in just the past few days, the girls’ interest in bamboo has doubled. When we say that the girls are starting to investigate bamboo, we are usually referring to the smaller “twigs” that Lun Lun leaves behind or doesn’t bother with. The girls still aren’t quite ready to be breaking apart and eating the large, strong culms that you see the adults make easy work of. Their increased interest could very well be due to the amount of leafeater biscuits they are consuming, and their realization that the bamboo helps to clear the crumbs from their teeth. Just yesterday, we weighed the girls, gave them their supplemental formula, and got ready to let them into the dayroom for the morning when I noticed Ya Lun hadn’t followed her mom and sister outside. Ya Lun is Lun Lun’s shadow, and usually right behind her, if not a few steps ahead. When I peeked back into the den they had just been in, Ya Lun was hunkered down chewing on some bamboo that Lun had left behind. She actually sat there for a bit, and ate almost the entire “twig!” They still aren’t consuming it as part of their primary diet, but we are monitoring their interest and continuing to provide them with biscuits and formula at this time. Looks like we’re getting even closer to their bamboo-eating milestone!
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Danica W.)

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