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Panda Updates – Friday, September 29

As the cubs become more and more interested in biscuits, they also become more motivated to search for biscuits. Usually after cleaning and refreshing Lun Lun’s bamboo, we either scatter her remaining biscuits from that feed throughout the area where she is going to be or we hide them in enrichment devices; that way she has to look for them and work for them. Well, the cubs have figured this out. They usually spend the time that we are cleaning happily resting on the structure, but as soon as we leave and lock up, they are on the ground searching. They are also becoming more aware that the enrichment devices are more than just toys to play with. Sometimes they contain delicious goodies. While the more difficult feeder devices are still too much for them, they are beginning to figure out the easier ones. But don’t worry about Lun Lun. We make sure to compensate for the biscuits that the cubs take from her.
Keeper II, Mammals

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