The KIDZone playground, Treetop Trail, Splash Fountain, Zoo Train and Endangered Species Carousel will be closed May 16 – 20.

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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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African Savanna/Zambezi Elephant Center Posts

Wild Encounter: Elephant

No creature looms larger over the savanna than the African elephant, and you’ll agree when you come face-to-trunk with one...
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Elephant Swing Boom Fill and Keeper Talk

Hear all about the Zoo's elephants as the keepers fill one of the Zoo's innovative enrichment devices for the elephants....
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Msholo is the only male elephant living at Zoo Atlanta and is easily identifiable as the largest of the three...
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Tara is the Zoo’s more laid-back and easygoing elephant. She enjoys participating in voluntary training with her care team but...
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African Elephant

This is one of the most distinctive animals on the planet. African elephants are the largest of the three elephant...
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