Meet Msholo

African Elephant
The one who appears from nowhere
African Savanna/Zambezi Elephant Center

Msholo is the only male elephant living at Zoo Atlanta and is easily identifiable as the largest of the three elephants. He is very calm and seems to enjoy being around females Tara and Kelly. He enjoys participating in hands-on positive reinforcement training activities with the Elephant Care Team and is quick to bond with the people who provide his care. When Elephant Care Team members walk around outside the habitat to distribute food, Msholo is always following closely to keep an eye on where the hay and produce go. He likes to carry his large feeder boxes around so he can enjoy his food wherever he chooses. In the summer months, he digs his own mud wallows and covers himself in our Georgia red clay. If you see Msholo making a wallow close to the perimeter of the elephant habitat, be careful – you may be in the splash zone! Most of the time, you can find Msholo exploring his habitat and foraging for food. His favorite food items are browse, beet pulp and his specialized elephant grain.

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